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23-Mar-2004, 11:59

do you know where I can get a F-Scale for my Copal Shutter to complement my Sironar W-210 lens?

Thanks Marc

Gem Singer
23-Mar-2004, 12:43
Hi Marc,

Try contacting the people at www.skgrimes.com. I'm not certain that they can sell you the exact aperature scale you are seeking. But, I do know that they can replace missing, or broken, aperature scales on Copal shutters, if you send the shutter to them.

James Driscoll
23-Mar-2004, 13:04
Contact Mr. Bob Salomon....at HP marketing....it should be a standard part. In fact SK GRIMES will tell you that. If they don't have it....then it is time to send it to SK GRIMES.

I went through the same thing recently...and got one from Schneider.

Bob Salomon
23-Mar-2004, 13:39
Rodenstock parts are sold by Marflex Service. 973 808-9626.

Bob Salomon
23-Mar-2004, 14:34
BTW: are you looking for the top scale, the front scale or both?

30-Mar-2004, 00:42
Dear all,

thanks for the replies. Grimes seems to be the place to go ;-) The only problem for me is that I am located in Europe, so I contacted Schneider directly. We'll see what they say. If you happen to know someone who wants to exchange a Sinar shutter (that's what I have at the moment) for a Copal one, let me know.

Best regards Marc

Bob Salomon
30-Mar-2004, 03:41
Why would you contact Schneider for a scale for a Rodenstock lens? Rodenstock (Linos) is in Munich. Ypu should ask them.

30-Mar-2004, 07:28
Oh, that was my mistake then. Someone told me the Rodenstock line was taken over by Schneider....

Thanks for the hint,

Cheers Marc

Bob Salomon
30-Mar-2004, 07:44
Not even close. Rodenstock Precision Optical (the taking and enlarging lens division in this case) is owned by Linos Photonics GMBH & Co. KG and is part of their Photo and Lab Technology division which is part of the Linos Laser and Imaging Systems Division. Nothing at all to do with Schneider.