View Full Version : How Do You Remove Tank/Drum Off Jobo Lift?

7-Nov-2012, 09:16
I'm still not very comfortable with the Jobo lift and still doing my work on the magnet drive. This is about non-expert tank/drum.

The Jobo manual says about removing tank/drum off the lift:

To remove the tank or drum, grasp the bottom end of the tank or drum and pull up and toward you. The retention clip will release the lid.

So you hold the bottom (end) of the tank. You can pull it toward you (inside), but you can't pull it up. For non-expert tank/drum, it connects to the lower slot. There is a black nipple that blocks any movement upward.

So I figure you need to grab the tank and move it up and inside, at say a 45 degree angle (view from the side). Maybe I make it too complicated. I just do not want to break the two clips. They look very weak.