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3-Nov-2012, 04:14
Just bought a used Linhof Super-Angulon Schneider 90/8.0 for my friend from KEH (BGN condition). when I received the lens, I noticed that the front set is marked "TECHNIKA Super-Angulon Schneider 90/8.0" with aluminum white body, but the back set has a black body without any marks which likes later version (if it is same kind of lens.) My question is how this combination works compared to original lens? I may return it to KEH even though I pay return cost.

3-Nov-2012, 04:25
Front white/rear black seems to have been the way it was supposed to be, at least for all later model generations - the rear did not receive the (reflective and hence disadvantageous) Linhof decoration, but is dull black.

3-Nov-2012, 04:27
I don't think I've ever seen a lens with silver rear elements regardless of make. That's how my 165mm super angulon is. I could be wrong in your case. You don't want anything but BLACK inside the camera.

3-Nov-2012, 04:44
thanks Both, that makes me feel better.