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2-Nov-2012, 04:13
For some unknown reason, Ross lenses seem to have not been heavily advertised. As such, I have posted some informative ads from 1900 and 1904

see http://antiquecameras.net/blog.html


Steven Tribe
2-Nov-2012, 05:12
Cameraeccentric doesn't have these earlier catalogues.
Early advertising is difficult to locate. Ross is still a problem with lenses before about 12,000, where, like Voigtländer, there is no information other than maker.

Steven Tribe
2-Nov-2012, 05:21
The "new" range of Petzvals is completely new to me! These can't be common.
The Ross/Zeiss listing is really important!
PS You have the recent competition (Leica winner!) at the bottom of the page!

2-Nov-2012, 10:15
Thanks for posting this information in a single place to go to :)

Much appreciated ...

3-Nov-2012, 02:00
Thanks Dan! What Rudi says... Much appreciated.

Cheers, Maurits