View Full Version : Greetings from Southeast Michigan. :)

1-Nov-2012, 02:02
Hello everyone,

My name is Kim, just bought my first large format camera less than two weeks ago, a graflex Crown Graphic with Kodak Ektar 127mm f4.7 lens. In the past, I shot various format digital to film learning so much with each new camera. Looking forward to participating when I can.

Keep clicking,

Peter De Smidt
1-Nov-2012, 03:39
Welcome to the forum!

1-Nov-2012, 04:00
Hello Kim,
I am a bit north of you I suppose
I have recently obtained a Speed Graphic.
Learning with 6 by 9 as I don't yet have a bigger enlarger.
I have some wider lenses coming and I'll be making some lens boards for them on weekend and trying the rear shutter.
Also ordered some Fuji 120 C41 iso 400 to try.

Jeff Bannow
1-Nov-2012, 05:12
Hello from Royal Oak, MI!