View Full Version : 6x9 Back that fits under the glass?

30-Oct-2012, 12:03
I hope someone could suggest a 6x9 roll film back that would slip under the GG, rather than necessitate removing the GG assembly entirely.
In case it matters, I use a TK45 and a Wista RF.
The Sinar Zoom is too expensive, and I just missed out on a Toyo back.
Any other options?

Thanks in advance.

Dan Fromm
30-Oct-2012, 12:16
6x9 Calumet/Cambo C2 or C2n. Most of the ones on the market are 6x7 but there are 6x9s too.

30-Oct-2012, 12:30
Thanks, Dan, I'd forgotten about the Calumets!

30-Oct-2012, 12:55
I'm surprised Dan didn't mention 4x5 version of the 620 Adapt-a-roll as an option too. They are not that common but generally aren't that expensive when you do find them. They require a 620 take up spool but can feed from 120 film just fine. IF you develop the 120 yourself loading your development reels from the 620 take up spools is not an issue.

30-Oct-2012, 13:24
Thanks for that, domaz; there is one on eBay, but it may or may not work properly.

Kirk Gittings
30-Oct-2012, 14:11
I have one, a 6x9 C2n for sale here, a newer model that solves some problems with the older ones. Works perfectly. They are actually made by Cambo and were sold under the Calumet label-now are sold as Cambo. http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?89329-Cambo-6x9-roll-film-holder

Dan Fromm
30-Oct-2012, 14:28
domaz, I've tired of telling people about adapta-a-rolls. The things get no respect. And every once in a while one of mine takes the day off and stops measuring how much film has gone by the roller at the far end.

Ari, I've bought a couple that seemed to be dead and revived them. Graphite powder and working them has done it.

30-Oct-2012, 15:27
Dan, thanks for the information, I might try the adapt-a-roll after all.
Kirk, thanks, will send you a PM.