View Full Version : HC110 and Jobo tanks

Noah B
30-Oct-2012, 09:35
Hey all, any of you guys tried HC110 in a jobo tank? I usually tray process and recently got a tank. I was thinking dilution H would work ok? Any suggestions would be great.

30-Oct-2012, 11:43
I use HC-110 in a 2551 tank regularly; this tank accommodates two reels of six 4x5 sheets each.
No problems at all, just do a one-minute pre-soak, mix the syrup well, and you're good.

Noah B
30-Oct-2012, 11:48
Ari, how about your development times? I rate my film at 400iso and have calculated the following times (for dilution B):

20C-4.5 mins
18C-5.5 mins
15C-7.5 mins

Those times are reduced by about 30 seconds for the constant agitation, I'm going to try my hand at it tomorrow using the 18C/5.5 min time and see how it works.

30-Oct-2012, 11:53
Noah, it depends what film I'm shooting.
Lately it's been Acros, rated at 80 ISO, processing time of 6:45 at dilution H, and, like you, constant agitation on a motorized base.
I like contrasty negs, so the temperature is at 21˚C.

Most other films, usually Kodak stuff, get 9 minutes with dilution H, also at 21˚C.

Michael Graves
30-Oct-2012, 12:18
I use HC-110 diluted 1:50 in my Jobo. I get the best results on HP5 at around 10 to 12 minutes, depending on the contrast I'm looking for.