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29-Oct-2012, 01:50

i am new here and i hope you will get your cooperation...

29-Oct-2012, 02:15
Hi, and welcome, from south central Missouri!

Frank Petronio
29-Oct-2012, 05:07
Hi, what special deals on cell phones and tablets do you offer?

29-Oct-2012, 08:22
I have no need for Viagra or Cialis. What would ever make you think that? Thank you very much. But a good deal on Nike shoes would be appreciated. :)

Robert Tilden
29-Oct-2012, 08:56
Well, -THAT- should give him a taste of the LFPF dynamic!

29-Oct-2012, 09:08
p.s. And if you are really interested in large format photography... WELCOME!

Andrew O'Neill
30-Oct-2012, 19:37
I hope I get my cooperation, too!

30-Oct-2012, 21:49
A minimalist introduction requesting cooperation? I sense a love child of a Gallup pollster and a Nigerian prince....?

OK, I'll bite. English is not your first language?