View Full Version : What was this front standard modification used for?

26-Oct-2012, 11:00
One of my (antique) field cameras has a customized front standard (see pics). It looks like the modification was done by the manufacturer (there are parts missing). Does anyone know what this modification was intended to do? My best guess would be some kind of rudimentary forward tilt with a single possible setting; but it doesn't really make much sense.

26-Oct-2012, 11:31
It looks like a later modification to give front tilt, also the front standard looks like it's been repaired. You need to show more of the camera.


26-Oct-2012, 11:46
It's definitely a custom job; but it's well integrated (ie not a home made hack). The brass strips are to hold the front standard together (otherwise it would most certainly break in the spot where the cutout is). Will take a few more pics soon.