View Full Version : Suggestions on how to fix the bed of an Eastman View Nš2

Ramiro Elena
24-Oct-2012, 06:44
This makes the rear standar wobble, not good. Anyone have an idea on what could be done?


Jon Shiu
24-Oct-2012, 07:02
You could possibly screw and glue the broken section back into place. You'd slide the rear standard out of the way first, and use tiny screws, predrilling the holes. On second thought the screws are probably not needed, just glue and clamp until dry.


E. von Hoegh
24-Oct-2012, 07:08
Not a DIY repair, unless you're a skilled joiner/cabinetmaker.

24-Oct-2012, 18:22
I routed out the bad wood and glued in new wood in the appropriate places.

In your case, using epoxy, wax paper and something to stent open the groove would probably work.

Link to full thread here:


Ramiro Elena
25-Oct-2012, 11:06
What a fun read ic-racer!

There's a lot in common going on with my Eastman View. Reading through your thread and the date it was posted I wish you had the ecbuyonlibe resource for cheap bellows. I got mine about two months ago and I finally mounted them this week. It was easier than I expected and I was too afraid of screwing things up.
Custom Bellows offered probably a nicer quality but I was on a budget.
I got my camera through a friend in Tucson and there were many things that needed restoration (there's some info on my blog.)

I had leaks where the frames attach to the front standard until I remembered the original set up had felt glued to the frame. I also installed a Packard shutter inside that fits so tight the bellows overlap on the sides.

How did the felt work on the back? Seems like a good idea but that material often produces lots of small particles that might get into the film holder.

For now, I have glued the broken strip with white glue. We'll see how it holds tomorrow. I noticed that this base is darker than the rest so it might have been swapped in the past with a 2D. Another option is to get a replacement that's in better shape.

Thanks for the replies folks!