View Full Version : Kraft Negative Preservers

22-Oct-2012, 23:56
Savage has made them for a long time but checking into some for 5x7 I found out they don't offer them in that size. Does anyone know where I can get them in 5x7?


Drew Wiley
23-Oct-2012, 09:37
Both bad ole Kraft was once used, then glassine envelopes. Better to use one of the more modern acid-free paper sleeves from one of the archival suppliers.

Jerry Bodine
23-Oct-2012, 13:41
Here's what I've been using for years:

I prefer the open flap rather than the sealed flap (so there's less chance of scratching the negative by dragging it out the open end).

I initially found them at Glazer's in Seattle, but I no longer see them on their website.

23-Oct-2012, 15:25
Thanks, I use the Pro-Line sleeves, one sleeve for one negative. Then I use the Kraft envelopes to write on and store the Pro-Line sleeved negatives opened ended into the Kraft envelopes. No flaps on either. I have done this since the early seventies. There is no deterioration of the negatives. Initially the inner sleeves were glassine. I'll let the Museum of Modern Art archive them later or do what Brett Weston did and burn them. In the meantime I might want to print from them. It's not a big deal, it just covers a couple things, labeling, numbering, storage, etc..