View Full Version : Source for non-epson epson profiles?

21-Oct-2012, 16:52
I wanted to make a bunch of glossy proof prints, so I bought a box of Epson "ultra premium photo paper glossy." The box says "works with all inkjet printers." Seemed reasonable to believe this would include my Epson r2400. But it turns out not to be one of the recommended papers, which also means that Epson does not make an icc profile for this paper/printer combination. I'm annoyed ... the prints do not look good when I use the profile for the closest paper (the non-ultra version).

Is there any source of unofficial profiles?

21-Oct-2012, 18:14
Michael gordon can does them. He's a member here.

Kirk Gittings
21-Oct-2012, 18:18
If Mad Man Chan has profiled that paper-his profiles are superior and free.

21-Oct-2012, 19:27
I'm so glad to know Mr. Chan exists. Sadly his free profiles all seem to be for the 3880.

22-Oct-2012, 06:48
Michael Gordon does nice work. Here's a link to the info on his profiles...



Doug Fisher
22-Oct-2012, 07:09
Have you updated your printer drivers since that paper was released? Update to the latest printer driver and you most likely will find that paper is then listed within the driver. Epson has changed the names of their papers many times since that printer was introduced but usually updated their driver to match the new paper names.