View Full Version : Graflex lens board bumps

20-Oct-2012, 21:07
I have two lens boards that were used with a 50s vintage Graflex Speed Graphic. I just purchased a 60s Super Graphic. The older lens boards will fit the newer camera if they're rotated 90 degrees...but then, the four little protrusions/bumps that keep the board in place are in the wrong location: top/bottom instead of left/right.

Any suggestions for how to jury-rig some bumps in the correct location?

Thanks in advance,

Andy Eads
20-Oct-2012, 21:55
A layer or two of solid aluminum duct tape in the right place should provide the additional thickness you need to secure the board. The good news is it is a reversible process so the board can be returned to its original functioning state if ever needed.

Jim Andrada
21-Oct-2012, 00:11
Lens boards for the super have larger bumps on the sides than the little umps on the older boards. Just build up a couple of layers of tape and you'll be in bsuiness. A singel alyer of the aluminum tape referred to above should be thick enough to work sas well. Not rocket science, just stuff enough tape in the right places and all will be well.