View Full Version : Sticky residue left by Adox Adostab

Gary L. Quay
20-Oct-2012, 20:50

I used the former Agfa Sistan in the past without any trouble, but I recently bought the new Adox Adostab, which is supposed to be the same product, and got a sticky residue on the bottom corners of the negatives. The resude was still tacky after drying for two days. I managed to get if off of some of them with film cleaner, but it took a good 5 minutes of careful scrubbing. The stuff was really persistant. I didn't try to take it off on my negatves where the residue extended into the image. I mixed it by the instructions on the bottle. Has anyone else seen this? How can it be avoided?



19-Jul-2013, 03:47
I happen to have same issue with AG Stab ( http://www.macodirect.de/compard-stab-120ml-p-953.html ).

The negatives have that reddish sticky residue on the corners they're hanging during drying.

19-Jul-2013, 04:07
I guess that I found obvious cause. From the old Agfa Sistan manual :rolleyes:

It says that:

"NB! Too high a Sistan concentration can lead to stains which
take some time to appear. Care should then be taken that the
fronts and backs of negatives are wiped before drying to avoid
partial over-concentration caused by dried drops of Sistan. Transport
rollers on mechanical processors should be carefully wiped
clean to stop the Sistan solution crystallizing on them."

So that's the cause. With roll films it's easy to wipe film before hanging to dry, but sheet films... Wiping them causes too much work so from now on I use Sistan (AG Stab) for roll films.

Gary L. Quay
21-Jul-2013, 21:40

I'll just go back to selenuim toning. I really don't want to touch my film with anything after I pull it out of the final solution.