View Full Version : Darkroom Equipped for LF for Hire in Sydney?

jon walker
16-Mar-2004, 20:27
Hello. Does anyone know of a darkroom for hire equipped with a 4 by 5 enlarger in Sydney (Australia, for those of you who are in any doubt)? There's one at the Australian Centre for Photography, but it's set up a little awkwardly, and anyway I really dislike communal darkrooms, since solitude and sensory deprivation are part of the whole experience for me.

Walter Glover
17-Mar-2004, 01:07
You could try Gordon Undy at Point Light in Surry Hills. Generally he only rents the darkroom to former students of his workshops who he feels won't wreck the joint but you never not what a bit of schmoozin' might do.

jon walker
18-Mar-2004, 00:00
Thanks Walter. Will drop him a line.

Leonard Metcalf
19-Mar-2004, 18:23
You can hire mine situated in the Blue Mountains. Though it is still abit rough around the edges as I haven't put in the wet area yet. If you want some more details please ask directly.

jon walker
19-Mar-2004, 18:32
I would be interested Leonard, if I can get to you. Are you near a train station? I'm not so bothered about it being rough and ready - so long as this is reflected in the hire rate. The only crucial thing is that there's a decent 4 by 5 enlarger with a good lens (I don't have one of my own for this format). Get back to me here or by e-mail. Cheers, Jon

21-Mar-2004, 15:56
Hello Jon, I have a darkroom set-up in my studio designed to enlarge to 1.27x1.6 metre. My enlarger is Lusca (Made in Melbourne!)with cold light and a rodagon-G 150mm. I have a custom built developing tube to process the exposed paper. The whole set-up works but the catch is that my studio is in Armadale, in Melbourne. Email me if you are still interested.

jon walker
21-Mar-2004, 16:57
Thanks Renee. I suspect it's a bit far away to be practical, and I'm waiting to hear back from Leonard (see above) ...