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20-Oct-2012, 08:01
Hi guys,

I normally use my Shen-Hao camera with the Rodenstock Apo-Sironar 150 mm lens.

I have the opportunity to buy a good shape Rodenstock Sinaron W 90 mm lens. My question is if need a bag bellows to use the 90 mm lens or I can still using the standard bellows.

I'm a little confused about it so your help will be much appreciated

Thanks in advance.


Joseph Dickerson
20-Oct-2012, 13:14

The 90mm will work, but movements will be somewhat limited because the bellows will be collapsed on itself. A recessed lensboard, try Badger Graphic Sales for one tho fit your Shen Hao, will help some. A bag bellows will help a lot. You can also get a "universal" bellows, I bought one from Chamonix but aftermarket bellows are plentiful on ebay. I'd suggest ecbuyonline, great ebay seller. I bought a "universal bellows" from Rudy for my Sinar.

A "universal bellows" combines the features of a bag bellows with those of a standard bellows. After installing the Chamonix bellows on my Shen Hao I could easily accomodate a 65mm lens. I still used a recessed board. Otherwise the front standard was inside the camera "box" and you didn't allow any front rise. This is only an issue with 65mm or shorter lenses. The 75mm-90mm will work with a flat board.

Shen Hao supposedly now makes a universal bellows, check with Jeff at Badger Graphic Sales.

If you go with a bag bellows it only takes a couple of seconds to switch over.


20-Oct-2012, 13:41
I had a Shen Hao, have a 90mm. Very, very tight & no movements with standard bellows. Great with a bag bellows.

Kent in SD

Steve Goldstein
20-Oct-2012, 14:28
JD, so you're saying the Chamonix bellows is directly interchangeable with the HZX45-AII?

20-Oct-2012, 14:38
I used to own a shen TZ45bII and found bag bellows to be far more convenient when using a 90mm lens and virtually essential when using anything wider than 90mm. I would recommend you invest in a set.

20-Oct-2012, 14:58
acanalda - I used to have the Shen Hao, I think it was the same model as yours and was ale to use a 75mm lens without a bag bellows or recessed lensboard. I was able to get some rise with that lens with the normal bellows and since that particular lens does not have a large IC for 4x5 it was never a problem. I did buy a recessed LB for use with that lens, but never mounted the lens in it, as I felt it was unnecessary.

YMMV, but I can't imagine you should be that limited using a 90mm with the standard bellows. If you don't plan to go any, or much, wider than that (do you imagine a 65 or 47mm lens in your future?) I would think the universal bellows would be a very versatile option. I wasn't aware that Chamonix bellows could be adapted to the Shen Hao, but I've been looking at ecbuyonline myself lately, contemplating new bellows for a different camera.

21-Oct-2012, 04:19
Thanks a lot for your support!



Joseph Dickerson
21-Oct-2012, 10:03
JD, so you're saying the Chamonix bellows is directly interchangeable with the HZX45-AII?

Not directly interchangeable, but very easy to modify. Took me about 20 minutes with a Dremel tool to do the surgery.

Shen Hao bellows rear frame has 45 degree corners, Chamonix corners are 90 degree, just shave off the excess material. The front fits without any shaving.