View Full Version : How to clean spots from printed color photo?

19-Oct-2012, 11:08
Recently I bought Sam Haskins color photography 24x26cm from Photo Graphics serie which is on cardboard 34,5x48,5cm with stamped Mr. Haskins signature.
There was from Sam sale exibition in Belgrade, Serbia, I think around 1978. Spots on photograph is from previous owner dog....
Does anybody have a idea how to clean those spots?

Thank you.

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Kirk Gittings
19-Oct-2012, 11:13
A good example of why I put everything under glass-though I don't have a dog that tall.....:). Find and talk to a photo conservator. This is not a simple fix if there is one at all. Why is the signature stamped? Is this a reproduction or an original?

19-Oct-2012, 11:17
This is genuine, confirmed by Ludwig Haskins. Sam Haskins dont have too much signed prints. Why? I dont know.
Must find photo conservator if any in Serbia:(

John Koehrer
19-Oct-2012, 17:16
Maybe at a museum that displays photographs?

20-Oct-2012, 02:11
Must check one of these days. If anybody knows some cleaning technique, let me know.

21-Oct-2012, 06:21
Let me rephrase...How to clean or wash color matte photo?

D. Bryant
21-Oct-2012, 06:48
Let me rephrase...How to clean or wash color matte photo?

My answer is - don't attempt to clean the print. Most likely the damage is now in the emulsion and can't be removed without further damaging the print. Have the print expertly scanned and reproduced for exhibition and preserve the original in dark storage. The print maybe soiled to the point that more degradation may occur. As commented previously contact a conservator for possible help.

Don Bryant