View Full Version : Since I can't wait

19-Oct-2012, 06:39
to drive and get my Enlarger due to the length of the drive, and my schedule, I'm going to attempt to do some contact printing with my 4x5 neg's..

Any suggestions on paper I should consider, or does it really matter?


19-Oct-2012, 06:57
I don't think it matters. I was a long time Kodak paper user, and switched to Ilford last year when I reactivated my darkroom. Ilford MGIV RC works for me for contact printing and enlarging. I think it is helpful to use a proper contact printing device, or a heavy plate (1/4" thick) of glass. It improves film-paper contact and therefore print quality.

19-Oct-2012, 17:46

I ordered some 5x7 sheets and some developer.