View Full Version : Rodenstock OPTAR 135mm x f4.5

Leonardo Serrano
23-Feb-1999, 10:13
I have just been to a camera show and found a lens for the Graflex 1000 Super Graphic, circa 1965: Rodenstock Optar 135mm x f4.5 with 1/2 to 1/1000 shutter. How is this lens rated? Any info on performance of this lens will be appreciated.

Ron Shaw
23-Feb-1999, 11:28
Its probably pretty good. I would not expect as much coverage as todays newer 135mm, but its probably sharp. Rodenstock made the lenses for Graflex until they finally died in 72. Im not sure when they started making them, but I think it was in the late 50's or early 60's. Before that, they were made by a few other vendors, such as Wollensac. I have heard that that particular shutter assembly is trouble prone, but I dont know from experience.