View Full Version : Short lens on century graphic

Arthur Nichols
16-Mar-2004, 05:52
I am considering purchasing a century graphic(2x3) to use while hiking and traveling abroad. Does anyone know what are the shortest and longest lenses that can be used on these cameras? I looked at the Graphlex site but I could not get this information. Thanks in advance. Art Nichols

Dan Fromm
16-Mar-2004, 06:50
Shortest? 35 ApoGrandagon. I don't have one, use a 38/4.5 Biogon quite happily on my Century. It doesn't cover 2.25x3.25, but it focuses to infinity on the camera.

Longest? Not so easy to answer. The longest standard issue lens was the 250/5.6 TeleRaptar, also badged TeleOptar. I have one, it focuses usefully close on my Century. I think a 270 tele lens, e.g., Rotelar, Tele Xenar, would work on a Century, strongly doubt that a 15" (385 mm) tele would.

If you got a 2x3 Pacemaker Speed, you could go a little longer but would lose on the short end. Not sure what its shortest lens is, my 65/8 Acugon makes infinity on mine, a 65 SA should too. The longest non-tele lens I know of that the camera will take is the 12"/4 Taylor Hobson Telephoto as fitted to Vinten F95 and Agiflite cameras. This lens would work on a Century IF it could be put in shutter, but I don't see how that can be done.

Go back to www.graflex.org, ask your question there. People in this forum are strongest on large format, 2x3 Graphics are on the cusp between LF and MF.