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C. D. Keth
16-Oct-2012, 13:37
Good afternoon, everybody. For those not acquainted, ponoko.com is a website that makes some mass production facilities available to small business and the common man. You can have thing laser cut, CNC routed, etc.

Using their "rules" I made a template for a plate bath for sizes up to 1/2 plate. It is to be laser cut from .220" acrylic. They have clear and another called "red tint" that should be UV blocking inside your dark box that another wooden box to hold the bath won't be needed. The inside dimensions of the bath are 5" wide by 8" high and 3/4" deep. When it's standing up on the included stand pieces, it tilts back at a 15-degree angle so, without being too tippy full it's good for up to half plate size. Pieces are included to make the bath itself, a "dipper", and an easel-like stand

The template can be downloaded or made from my ponoko showroom here (http://www.ponoko.com/design-your-own/products/half-plate-bath-8808). Instructions for gluing it up (i.e. what parts are what) are on that page as well.

Just for clarity, I am not selling these. Use of the template costs nothing, I make nothing from this, and the plans are in the public domain. To have it made by ponoko, it will cost just under $45 for a clear bath and just over $45 for a red tinted bath for materials and laser cutting.

Enjoy! If anybody sees improvements that can or should be made, tell me and I can revise the template.

16-Oct-2012, 15:08
I was not able to view a picture of your plan, but if someone wants an acrylic tank and doesn't want to spend the labor to assemble one, lundphotographics.com sells 5x7 tanks in clear and black which should do what you need. Most of what you're paying Mr Lund for is labor as he's a very neat and careful worker.

17-Oct-2012, 13:05
There are some interesting ideas here.....

C. D. Keth
17-Oct-2012, 22:07
There are some interesting ideas here.....

Thanks, I think. ;)

Ponoko is a pretty neat resource that has a lot of possibility if you have adobe illustrator and some rudimentary design skill.

19-Oct-2012, 15:56
Very cool stuff! I usually use Inkscape with Ponoko. It's totally free and probably just as easy to use as illustrator.

C. D. Keth
19-Oct-2012, 21:53
Very cool stuff! I usually use Inkscape with Ponoko. It's totally free and probably just as easy to use as illustrator.

It may be easier. I was really fighting with a couple of the illustrator tools a couple nights ago. I don't really know illustrator well and "rudimentary" is about all I can do with it.