View Full Version : Need Info: Gerlach's Variable Contrast RC Paper

12-Oct-2012, 20:29
I recently bought a bunch of darkroom stuff off craigslist, mainly to get the Zone VI print washer the guy had, but included in the lot was a box of 100 sheets of RC paper by a company I had never heard of. The photo below tells the story. In case it's not legible in the photo the box indicates "Made in Germany." I am assuming this is a store re-branding of an established product, possibly Agfa or Adox.

Does anyone know for sure what this is? It may not be any good, but I thought I'd try it for some paper negatives at first. I am curious more than anything. And yes, I tried searching for "Gerlach" here and on the Web and come up empty, but I am prepared to eat crow if someone else has search skills more advanced than my own.