View Full Version : 15" apo raptar

Andrew Crump
15-Mar-2004, 05:18
Does any know if these fit straight into a shutter from barrel, ilex 3 ? or alphax

Bob Fowler
15-Mar-2004, 16:22
I can't say for certain, but a big Alphax (a Wollensak product) would be a good bet. While that lens isn't listed at the SK Grimes website, it's also a good bet that they could make it fit into something more modern (depending on the actual size of the lens).

I'm using #6 Packard shutters (front mounted) on a 14" R.D. Artar, a 305mm APO-Nikkor, and a 9" Copy Paragon. I haven't found a need for anything more with that big glass, but mine are used mostly in the studio with strobes...

Robert A. Zeichner
15-Mar-2004, 23:55
I've front mounted this lens in its original barrel using an Ilex 4 and a Copal 3. All you need is to have an adapter machined. It's quite a good lens. Scroll down to the second image, which I made with this very lens in the Alabama Hills of California. Wratten G filter, T-max 100 film. http://www.phototechmag.com/landscape/index2.htm