View Full Version : Schneider G-Claron 355mm/f9: Tele or Non-tele?

Pete Skerys
15-Mar-2004, 01:27
Any one know that if the Schneider G-Claron 355mm/f9 lens a "tele" design, which will brings it a shorter actual focusing length than 355mm, or not? I have a Toyo AII camera with only a 324mm bellow. I just wonder if the lens can be used on it or not.

Like to hear your comments, especially field experience with this lens.



Steve Hamley
15-Mar-2004, 03:18

It is not a telephoto design and takes 350mm of draw.



15-Mar-2004, 04:02
You will require the Toyo 4" back extension in order to use the lens.

Pete Skerys
15-Mar-2004, 19:43
Thanks guys.

Scott Atkinson
15-Mar-2004, 21:01
Well, you might be able to use one of those extension boards, with the screw-on sections, to get around the 4" extension back. On the other hand, I think it's a #3 Copal on that lens, and it could get pretty clunky hanging out there in front of the Toyo.

16-Mar-2004, 09:48
Yes, it is in a Copal #3.