View Full Version : Photography & Place Conference, Newport RI March 25-28

Sandy Sorlien
14-Mar-2004, 04:14
Hello All,

I'm chairing the national conference of the Society for Photographic Education at the end of March in Newport, Rhode Island. The theme is PHOTOGRAPHY AND PLACE: Home-Neighborhood-Nation-World. There will be lots of LF work shown. Frank Gohlke is the Keynote Speaker and Jerome Liebling is the Honored Educator.

I invite you all to come. There is a registration fee for the presentations/receptions/tours/portfolio reviews, etc, but the big Exhibits and Publishers Fair is free and open to the public, as are about 30 special exhibitions all over Rhode Island.

Please see our website http://spenational.org/ for complete information.



Bob Salomon
14-Mar-2004, 06:50
There is also a trade show at SPE with a large portion devoted to books and journels as well as equipment. It will be at the Hyatt.

16-Mar-2004, 15:33
SO how come no one has jumped all over this announcments like they did the view camera conference announcment.

tim atherton
16-Mar-2004, 15:41
Why? Because as far as I can see on a cursory look it was only announced once and is entirely in line with both the letter and the spirit of the site guidelines

"Regular posters may announce, in a non-repetitive way, educational events such as workshops and conferences, as well as gallery openings."