View Full Version : Ilex shutter question

Richard Wasserman
13-Mar-2004, 13:05
I just bought a 6 1/2 inch dagor in an Ilex No. 3 Acme Synchro shutter. On the side it has a chart and color coded dial that I do not understand. The chart reads: 23 yellow, 20 blue, 5 white, and 0 red. The dial can be turned to line up colored dots next to an index mark. What is this for? Also, I've never used a lens in this kind of shutter before, are there any idiosynchrasies that I should know about? I don't want to break it befor I get a chance to use it. Thanks

Ralph Barker
13-Mar-2004, 14:18
The color codes are for the sync delay on the flash. For strobes, you want 0 delay (red). Naturally, you'll likely need an adapter cord from the bi-post connector to the current PC connector. They're available from various sources, including Paramount Sync Cords (http://www.paramountcords.com/). The flash sunc also has a separate cocking lever that must be activated for the sync to work.

Philippe Gauthier
13-Mar-2004, 19:25
The longer delays were used for flash bulbs, which only fired after a while (up to 23 milliseconds late). I have the same shutter, just set it to zero and forget about it.

Richard Wasserman
14-Mar-2004, 09:33
Ralph and Philippe, Thank you for your help. I had a feeling this had something to do with the flash sync, but wasn't sure. As I don't anticipate using flash, and if I do it will be strobes, I'll set it on zero and start using the lens.

15-Mar-2004, 18:16
Many small appliances (radios, electric razors, etc.) use the same bi-post connector. If you strobe has a household-type connector, there are millions of bi-post to household cords out there. Sure, they're not as reliable as a Paramount. So go to a garage sale and buy ten of them for the same cost as one Paramount.

In defense, though, I have Paramount PC cords, and love them. For everything else, though (other than my two PC to household cords) I either find pre-made ones like the bipost, or wire my own (sync extensions, manual tripper, longer bipost, etc.).