View Full Version : f2.7 16.5cm (165mm) Tessar

8-Oct-2012, 11:55
I've a chance to buy one of these pre WWII CZJ lenses, optically it's in great condition. Does anyone have any experience of the lens, and qualities, also coverage, it's a barrel mouinted version.


Jason Greenberg Motamedi
8-Oct-2012, 12:27
They were built to cover quarter-plate, and were frequently found on 3x4 Miroflexes. They are not particularly sharp at f2.7, but have less of an issue with flare than other lenses of the same age and speed. For example, I find the f2.7 Tessar to be less sharp than Dallmeyer Pentac, Cooke Series X, or Zeiss Biotessar, but without the serious flare problems of any of these lenses. Out of focus rendering is pretty busy, but without nauseating coma swirls.

8-Oct-2012, 13:58
I have one.

4x5 coverage is a push. If you'll accept severe corner mush / vignetting / spherical aberration or work with close subjects you could be fine with it.

I personally like the rendering (in & out of focus). Obviously it's not sharp by modern standards but I doubt you're looking at this as anything other than a rare-use specialist tool based on its aperture.

Biggest selling point for me was getting a real f/2.7 not spoiled by thorium staining unlike just about every other affordable fast 4x5 lens out there. Not a big deal for film, huge for plate work.

If it's the one I think it is, It was on MW a couple of weeks back btw. I thought about buying it to re-sell as it was a pretty good price but ultimately I didn't think it was worth the time.

8-Oct-2012, 14:46
Thanks, that's kinda what I expected.

I've just bougth a Dallmeyer 6" f3.5, perhaps instead, it had a Dallmeyer Reflexcamera with it for a 1/4 of the price. I've a 165mm f6.3 Tessar already - pre WWI and it's a very sharp lens, and I've just bought anoyher via this forum/

Will need to think more about the f2.7 Tessar, it's a private sale. I buy leneses only to match cameras I've restored so toughts needed.


9-Oct-2012, 06:24
81714here is my tessar in situ, on a mentor camera. not the original lens but done as an upgrade i guess