View Full Version : Jobo ATL-2000 "Air diffuser faulty"

7-Oct-2012, 08:48
Hello to everyone,

I use a Jobo ATL-2000 and now it is accusing the following error message: "Air diffuser faulty".

Please, has anyone here ever experienced this problem? Anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks so much.

José Luís

Greg Blank
8-Oct-2012, 16:15
Hola Jose;

The air distributer is the error you are experiencing and it can be a difficult trouble to diagnose. If the bottle lids are loose, if there is a hole in a hose or a loose internal hose upon the chemical manifold, or if the seals around the bottles are cracked you will get the message. Sometimes if the chemical drain arm is bumped it will misalign the gear that directs air flow to the individual bottles.

9-Oct-2012, 05:27
Hello Greg!

I thank you for this information. Now I see that many different events can generate this error message. Yesterday, I spoke with the photographer who bought this machine a few years ago. He told me that the last Jobo technician in Sao Paulo moved into the countryside a few years ago and became a farmer! But he also encouraged me to open the equipment to find the problem. Following your advice, I will first of all look for any holes or leaks in pipes and connectors. He also said that all parts of the Jobo are industrial automation standard parts, and so can be found in specialty stores. When I have news, I'll post them here.

24-Nov-2014, 12:18
Prolly way too late, but I'll let it here anyway, it may help others.
Turn the processor off, enter into service menu (F1+start+ON) then check the parts. Very rarely, but sometimes, the fault isn't a real hardware fault, and that wipes the error allowing you to further test the machine. If the pump works, you'll have to check the tubes.