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Mike Lopez
10-Mar-2004, 19:19
Do Synchro-Compur shutters come in sizes that correspond to Copal sizes? And if so, are they identical from one shutter to the other? Thanks.

Bob Fowler
10-Mar-2004, 19:27
Yes, the sizes are the same. There is one addition, Synchro Compur shutters were also available in size 00 (smaller than the size 0), which Copal didn't produce.

Mike Lopez
10-Mar-2004, 19:36
Thanks, Bob.

Bruce Watson
10-Mar-2004, 21:12

Also note, there was an illusive #2 compur. Very useful, very hard to find. I've got an old 14 inch Red Dot Artar mounted in a compur #2. The lens can't fit in a #1, but a #3 is serious overkill. The #2 is way smaller and lighter than a #3. And no, my 14" Artar is not for sale!

I actually sent a query to Copal Japan asking if they ever made a #2, and the answer was no. So, the various #2 sizes (they aren't all the same, but they are all #2 - go figure) join the #00 as sizes beyond the Copal shutter line.

tor kviljo
11-Mar-2004, 00:47
Just a little note: The harmonization of shutter diametres, threads & spacing have not allways existed . You will see that older (-60 and before) Synchro Compurs have slightly different (incompatible) threads than Copal & modern compurs & prontors. I experienced that when trying to remount a newer Komura 210mm (for # 1 shutter) lens-cells in an old Compur shutter. I don't know when the standardization were complete. Thus: measure both spacing & thread diametre/travel when preparing to remount older shutters/lenses.

Colin Carron
11-Mar-2004, 01:35
Another footnote. In the Compur #00 the sizes of the threads of the Synchro Compur #00 is slightly different from the earlier Compur Rapid and pre-war Compur #00.

Domingo A. Siliceo
5-Jul-2013, 08:33

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