View Full Version : looking lens for 12x12 inch frame

3-Oct-2012, 14:25
need to cover 12x12 inch frame, anyone can offer something?

Jim Galli
3-Oct-2012, 18:21

I've dug a bit deeper into the collection and have come up with some ancients. USA ancients to boot.


I don't know a lot about this lens. It's a big lens for an aplanat ~ Rapid Rect. It's approximately a 14" focus lens.


The wheel stops begin at f16 and the glasses have quite a curvature. This is a wide field type. 90 degree coverage. An ordinary RR starts at f8.


This one covers 9.5X20", so 12X12 is easy for it.

4-Oct-2012, 03:29
Ooh nice.. But I think it's very expensive lens, yeah? I'm looking for around 300 - 400$ :)

Paul Fitzgerald
4-Oct-2012, 07:10
I'll be posting some big dogs over the weekend. Keep a look out, should find something in the closet to fit.

7-Oct-2012, 02:14
A 360mm WA Aplanat is probably an overkill for a 12x12" format.
I have a french made 270mm lens, VERY similar to the wide angle in the picture (but it's in nickel-plated finish, not lacquered brass), which easily covers that size (with some room for movements).
A standard 355/360mm plasmat, like an early convertible Sironar or Symmar, should easily cover 12x12" (AFAIK they are used with 11x14").
Both are available in shutter, which is a big advantage if you want to use the camera in the field, with no flash and with < 1sec. exposures.