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Alan E. Barton
13-Jun-1999, 18:15
I would like to run some tests with a densitometer (Zone stuff) but am having a hard time spending $500 on one. I can't seem to find any used ones on various si tes or big stores. Any ideas?


Sergio Ortega
13-Jun-1999, 22:42

Try PHOTRONIX.COM. They sell about the most reasonably priced quality densitome ter for B&W zone work on the market. It's $625. new. I know this is more than your budget allows.

I've seen a few used ones from time to time. People don't seem to sell these ve ry often. I've owned one of them for years, would be lost without it.

There have also been a few good threads on this site re: using spot meters as su bstitute densitometers. Contact me directly if you're interested. I'll be happ y to explain how this works.

Good luck, Sergio.

Matt Long
14-Jun-1999, 14:17

I posted this info a couple of months ago, but it may still be timely:

"You might want to check out eBay. I recently purchased a new-in-box Agfa D104 d ensitometer for $107. More are for sale. The seller of these units acquired seve ral from a business that was closing, and as part of the purchase agreement, Agf a required that the name be obscured before the units could be resold. While the name has been scratched out somewhat crudely, the densitometer is in otherwise like-new condition. I have found this densitometer to be compact, easy to use an d accurate. At a little over $100, I think that's a pretty good deal."

If you do not find any postings for this denisitometer, e-mail me and I will pro vide you with the name and number of the seller. Hope this helps. Cheers.

Gary Newell
21-Jun-1999, 04:51
Alan, Check out Phil Davis's Beyond the Zone System. I have a copy of the 2nd edition and there is a workbook you can get, titled oddly enough: "Beyond the Zone System Workbook". In it, among other plans, are instructions, pictures, and exploded view drawings of how to convert your spotmeter into a densitometer. Assuming you are using one for Zone stuff (believe me, it a Gosdsend!). Good luck. --Gary Newell

Michael Phifer
24-Jun-1999, 23:23
Alan, I built a version using Phil Davi's Books as a guide. It uses my Pentax sp ot meter. It has worked well for me in both Reflection and Transmition. Cost me about $10 to make.