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9-Mar-2004, 19:45
Hi All, I was wondering if the film coverage of the Zeiss Protar VII was similar to the film coverage of the same focal length lens labeled Zeiss VII Protarlinse. In this case a 480mm. And does the film coverage diminish when used in it's convertable form with one element only on the 480mm Protarlinse? Thanks in advance for your input.

Ernest Purdum
9-Mar-2004, 20:38
They are the same lens design, just different languages. If the same exact focal length, the coverage should be the same. (Apparently Ross made some Protars of somewhat different focal length than did Zeiss and B&L).

I'm not sure if you are talking about a combination made up of two 480mm cells, or some other arrangement. If it is two 480's, the combination results in a focal length of about 10", or 250mm, and was rated to cover 7" X 9" (roughly 178 X 229mm). A 480mm cell be itself was rated to cover 11" X 14" (about 280 X 356mm).

Coverage at small apertures would be somewhat greater, though Protar VII's do not increasse coverage on stopping down as do Dagors.

9-Mar-2004, 20:48
Thanks Ernest, The elements are 480mm with a 590mm. Any idea of what the coverage of the 590mm alone would be or the 480mm + the 590mm combined?

Ernest Purdum
10-Mar-2004, 04:29
The 590&480 combination was rated at 8" X 10", roughly 203 X 254mm. The 590 should be on the front. The 590 alone was rated at 12" X 16", roughly 305 X 406mm.

Uli Mayer
3-May-2004, 09:14
Emile, this is what my Zeiss list (1938) says: recommended film format for single Protarlinse 1:12.5 fl 59cm is 30x40cm, having an image circle "at small stop" of 77cm; the respective data for your 48cm Protarlinse are 28x34cm and 62cm.

If you put the two components together you'll have a Doppel-Protar of 31cm focal length, max. aperture 1:7 and an image circle of 48cm ( again "at small stop" which AFAIK means smaller than F/22. A great lens!

3-May-2004, 16:59
Thanks Uli!

Richard Årlin
1-Dec-2004, 10:54
Uli, Would you publish the list you mention in your last post.. it would be most interesting

Uli Mayer
1-Dec-2004, 17:41
Richard, my attempts to post the scanned list just failed. If you could send me a mail, I'll attach it - together with a scan of the Protar stop computing dial - to your email address. I am still too much analogue-oriented to manage such dumb digital-world tasks.Uli