View Full Version : Which apps for android cell phones do you recommend?

Leonard Evens
1-Oct-2012, 12:43
I don't generally use calculators for dof and other things because I know the basic formulas and can do most of the calculations in my head. But since I carry my cell phone with me pretty much all the time, I might as well install apps for my AT&T Samsung Captivate android phone. Things I might consider are dof calculators, exposure meters (for when I am out walking without my gear), or anything else which any of you have found useful for large format. I regularly jot down my settings when shooting ina small notebook, but I suppose I could use the cell phone for that with an appropriate app for taking notes, so recommendations for such note taking might also be useful.

1-Oct-2012, 14:10
Photo Tools by HCPL (?). Free. There's a bug with mine, it won't work as a light meter, but it does most everything else.

1-Oct-2012, 17:45
I have the viewfinder and fstop timer from: https://sites.google.com/site/droidinthedark/
I'm going to mod my cromegatrol to use with the app.

1-Oct-2012, 17:50
A friend of mine(?) used his new Gaydar app on me, and I know it's not reliable, because I AM NOT!!!!

Thomas Greutmann
2-Oct-2012, 10:44
I use TPE for sun/moon set and rise planning, helpful for planning landscape shots. And I have built a little photo log database using the Memento App for logging exposure data, movements, GPS location, camera / lens / filters used.

Greetings, Thomas

6-Oct-2012, 16:20
I use "shadowfacts" for sun angle/times, "tide prediction" for tidal info so I know how the rocks are at the shore, "hybrid stopwatch" for timing fujiroid developing and sometimes cyanotypes,

6-Oct-2012, 18:00
Darkroom Timer
CamCalc Free
The Massive Dev Chart

Daniel Moore
7-Oct-2012, 23:41
Sundroid for quick sun/moon rise and set.
Maverick maps in combination with Mobile Atlas Creator to save offline maps for when there is no data link, beyond the network. Best practice is to save all your maps in one file as an sqlite file and transfer it to the phone. Save them all on the laptop/desktop and update/overwrite as needed. MAC won't download the same map tile twice, saves a lot of time.
Flashlight of which there are many but I can't find the developer right now, saved my butt a few nights ago when I walked a couple miles for a shot and returned in the dark, combined with a gps waypoint (Maverick, again) it was nothing short of amazing to walk right to the trailhead without walking a single step out of my way. Flashlight can use the screen or the camera led as a source.

Anti Mosquito Sound could be helpful, we have too few around here to test it.

ES File Explorer for general use.

Smart Compass

US Tides