View Full Version : Schneider Apo-Artar 240mmm Info

d burdeny
8-Mar-2004, 12:04
I just got my hands on a new, but inexpensive Schneider Apo-Artar 240mm f/9.It's black in a copal #1 I shoot only landscapes/seascapes on 4x5 tmy 100 film. I'm aware of the whole 1:1 ratio thing, but that is all i know about it. Will it perform well for landscape (medIum to infinity distances) or am I wasting my time with it for that kind of work? I don't mind working at f/22 and smaller if that's all it takes to get a full image. Also, is it coated? Filter size? Image circle? Thank you in advance.

Emmanuel BIGLER
8-Mar-2004, 12:27
The apo-artar is similar to the apo-ronar, a symmetrical 4-element process lens. In larger formats and longer focal lengths, where lenses are more expensive for the amateur, those affordable lenses are used for landscapes shots without problem. I do not see ay reason why this would not be true for a 240 in 4"x5". The apo-ronar is rated for 48 degrees of angle, according to this spec you should expect at least 210 mm of image circle in infinity-focus position with your 240 apo-artar, which is very similar.