View Full Version : Will 210mm f/6.8 Calter II-e elements fit into a Prontor Press shutter?

Edward (Halifax,NS)
8-Mar-2004, 08:07
This lens originally came in a Copal 1 shutter and I have the opportunaty to pick up the elements for about $100. I have a 127 Ysaron in a Prontor Press shutter. I would like to swap elements if possible. Jim Galli, you seem to be the expert. Have you ever tried this?

Edward (Halifax,NS)
8-Mar-2004, 08:10
Any other lens suggestions that will go into this shutter are appreciated as well.

Dan Fromm
8-Mar-2004, 08:15
If your Prontor Press is a #1, yes they'll fit.

Jim Galli
8-Mar-2004, 09:20
Hmmm. No expert but I do remember having one of those Prontor Press 127 shutters and even though the threads were correct there was some other obstruction that precluded putting normal Copal 1 things in. If you had one of the CU-5 Copal shutters it would work.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
8-Mar-2004, 09:43
Is that the one the Tominon lenses came in?

Guy Tal
8-Mar-2004, 12:05
Even if the elements fit, you will still need to find a matching aperture scale, which may be a challenge.


Dan Fromm
8-Mar-2004, 12:57
Q:"Is that the one the Tominon lenses came in?"

Probably not. Polaroid Tominons typically came in Copals, Polaroid Rodenstocks typically came in Prontors.

Darin Cozine
9-Mar-2004, 11:53
The shutter from a 127mm ysaron should work fine. It's the shutters with 75mm lenses that wont work right. -Also some of the mp3 branded prontor shutters dont have apertures at all.

I have a few of these, and I just note what smallest aperture on the shutter allows for full light through the lens, then I calulate the difference in stops and compensate when I make the exposure.

ex: f5.6 caltar. the shutter closes down to f4, then at the next stop the baldes start to show in the lens. So if my meter says to use f32, I set the aperture at f22 (+1 stop)

tor kviljo
10-Mar-2004, 00:48
There are a few things here: I would assume that the prontor-press shutter came from one of Polaroid units - they seems to have been the the biggest user of Prontor & Copal press shutters at one time! The Ysaron were used on the MP-3 I belive, prior to Polaroid swapping to Tomioka's Tominon-lenses for the MP-4 series. But Polaroid shutters came from at least two channels: Slightly modified Prontor Press from the CU-5 equipment, and purpose-built shutters from the MP-3 & MP-4 equipment. The former is standard prontor or Copal 0 press-shutters (but with elongated adjustment-lever) with aperture OK, but on the (Tominon) 75mm, aperture is limited by fixed metal disc inside shutter. On these CU-5 shutters, any size 1 lens (for example G-claron 210mm) can readily be mounted, and size 0 lenses can be mounted using shutter-1 to lens-barrel-0 stepper-rings (Sinar sells these for DB-mounting, probably Grimes have them too?). On the MP-3 & 4 shutters, the mounting thread is a weired size requiring adapter rings to mount 39mm lenses or shutter-diametre lenses, and the shutters are w/o aperture mechanism. Since the Ysaron were used both as front-mounted lenses (whole lens w/aperture mechanism in front of shutter - MP-4-wise) & possibly also standard-mounted for CU-5, shutter origin will decide if the shutter can be used for mounting standard aperture-less lenses - if Ysaron is front mounted: Nope!.

Hope this helps.

Dan Fromm
10-Mar-2004, 05:30
Tor, I have too many MP-4 Tominon lenses and a couple of ex-MP-4 Copal #1 Press shutters. The front of the shutter is threaded M40x0.75. This is the standard #1 shutter front thread, it isn't weird.

The Ysarons I've seen in MP-3 Prontor Press shutters were mounted normally, i.e., with the front cell in front of the shutter, the rear cell behind the shutter, and the diaphragm in the usual place. Could you have been thinking of the MP-3's 35/4 Eurygon, which is indeed front-mounted? I had one for a while.



Edward (Halifax,NS)
15-Mar-2004, 05:33
I ended up not getting the lens. It was an Ebay auction with a Buy it Now option. I new I would not be getting paid until this friday so I emailed the vendor to ask if that would be a timely enough payment but by the time he got back to me the Buy it Now option had expired. I got outbid. Jim, I think I will pick up a CU-5 Copal so I will be ready for the next time around. Thanks to all for your input.

Jim Galli
15-Mar-2004, 08:54
Edward, as has been noted, only the 5" CU-5 lens / shutter is very useful. The 3" lens' shutter has a max aperture of about 15 or 16mm which is about f11.5 for a 210.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
15-Mar-2004, 10:15
Jim, I thought I replied again but my reply seems to have vanished. Anyway, it is too late for the warning. I am about an hour away from owning the 3 inch version. Would this shutter be good for one of the f/9 G-Clarons? The difference between f/9 and f/11.5 doesn't seem that great and the difference would be even less if I used a 150mm lens.