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Steve Sherman
8-Mar-2004, 05:12
New England Large Format Collective is presenting noted Ultra Large Format photographer and Platinum printer in a free presentation on April 4th in central Connecitcut.

If you would like more information or to attend the afternoon presentation please e mail NELFC@steve-sherman.com

Erik Gould
8-Mar-2004, 13:50
which noted ULF photographer and platinum printer?

Ted Harris
8-Mar-2004, 14:12
And what is the "New England Large Format Collective" and where in Connecticut? As a New England LF photographer I am curious.

9-Mar-2004, 15:52
I suspect this is one of those police sting events. Everybody who arrives will be arrested for having photographed without a permit. "Collective" is probably code for collecting bail and fines. I for one, will never admit to photographing the Brooklyn Bridge - even though the guy I bought it from said it was okay.

Steve Sherman
9-Mar-2004, 19:24
"Collective" In this case it means everyone has an equal voice. I have long thought such a group could have incredible benefit to ones growth as a photographer.

Phil, as is the case with you, my tongue sometimes gets stuck in my cheek too.

Todd Wright
10-Mar-2004, 07:57
No Phil in this case it means a closed group of photographers that won't let anyone joint there little hand pick group. Notice how secret it is, Steve when ask who this person is that is speaking and where has not told us.

Steve Sherman
10-Mar-2004, 20:16
Do you understand e mail off line? Give it a try you might be surprised!

Richard Fenner
11-Mar-2004, 01:03
If people want to know something as basic as who the photographer is, they need to contact you offline. Surely that defeats the idea of open communication and dissemination of information on this forum? What's the big secret? Either you want people to turn up or not - keep the actual address and time secret if you want to keep out the riff-raff (and this site is obviously teeming with riff-raff, hence the need for secrecy), but if you're not going to bother naming the person, what's the point? I've heard photographers complain when not enough people turn up to their presentations, but never that too many people turned up. Last time I responded to a message like that, I kept getting emails advertising sale items at a camera shop which was associated with the event. Reminds me of those ads people put up, saying 'I'm selling some LF equipment - if you want any details, email me at wasteoftime@hotmail.com'.