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27-Sep-2012, 05:24
Not sure if anyone's using Samy's lab for film development. I usually develop everything myself but I'm in the middle of some labor intensive home projects that must get done. From an earlier post someone was singing Samy's praises (others were chiming in) and I decided to give them a call.

They were very friendly, very helpful, told me that if I came in person they'd turn it around in 3hrs, but since I would not be local, they'd turn it around the next day. Sold. Off my film went across the coast.

Alas, the film was not turned around in a day and after several, I gave them a call. They explained that they are very very busy and they'd do their best to start on it tomorrow and get all of it out end of week or beginning of next.

I suppose hearing that a film lab is backlogged is a GOOD thing. And perhaps it could even be due to a previous thread encouraging the use of Samy's - who knows! But it always makes me a little skittish being told one thing and not having that happen. It was afterall what sold me on shipping it. I'd like to hopefully hear others assure me that my film is in good hands and that it will arrive back to me well-developed, safe and sound. Thanks!

27-Sep-2012, 06:32
I, personally, wouldn't be worrying yet.

Mark Woods
27-Sep-2012, 07:38
I know the manager of one of the outlets and she's very conscientious about being honest about what Samy's can do. I'm surprised at your experience. What outlet did you send it to?

John Kasaian
27-Sep-2012, 08:06
Oops! I thought I read Samy's Lab black dog :o

27-Sep-2012, 17:51
Mark Woods - I sent it to whatever address is on the order form, which I cannot recall offhand. I think Chappala St? It's just odd that they give me a turnaround time and then 3 days later all bets are off due to a backlog. They were very courteous on the phone, however, when I called. Just odd that they didn't call me - I had to call them. I'm still hopeful. :)

Mark Woods
27-Sep-2012, 18:03
I forwarded your response to my friend at Samy's. I hope it all is cleared up.

27-Sep-2012, 18:59
Chapala St is Santa Barbara.

27-Sep-2012, 19:07
I forwarded your response to my friend at Samy's. I hope it all is cleared up.
Oh thank you, Mark!

Mark Woods
27-Sep-2012, 19:59
My understanding is that the lab is located in Santa Barbara. A day up. Process. A day back. Not sure what happened.

28-Sep-2012, 04:35
Good news. I got in to work this morning and (oddly) they left a message on my work phone after hours. Said it's all done, just needed to clarify whether I wanted the B/W roll cut (I forgot to include that instruction). So yeah, Mark - not sure what happened, but they accidentally left the phone line open after leaving me the message and the voicemail went on for a good 20 or more minutes. I thought I was hearing something about a delay caused by Fuji, but it was the middle of a long conversation, so could have been anything. (*I don't want to start rumors!) :)

Mark Woods
28-Sep-2012, 09:58
Good! I'm happy that it's all worked out.

Marc B.
28-Sep-2012, 10:00
If you're sending your film across country anyway, why not try some better quality labs.

Citizens Photo, Portland, OR-USA:

Blue Moon Camera, Portland, OR-USA:

Mark Woods
29-Sep-2012, 10:18
My friend at Samy's sent me this message to post:

Santa Barbara's E6 line was down for the better part of a week, so they were indeed very backed up and stressed out about it -
they handle the E6 stuff from three stores besides their own clientele and it was a major headache for them. But they did their
best to communicate with all involved. The problem is now fixed, they're up and running and
all the backed up jobs are finished.

I'm glad the OP got his answer, and want to assure everyone that we really do try our hardest to prevent situations like this,
but sometimes the machinery gods don't smile on us.