View Full Version : Rear element of a Schneider Super Angulo 210 does not fit in a Phiilips 11x14 Camera

Eliseo Pascual
26-Sep-2012, 08:11

I ow a Phillips 11x14 camera and I just got a 210mm Schenider Superangulon. The rear element diameter is larger than that of the lens board ( Sinar size) so It does not enter into the camera trhough its front opening. When I asked for it had not considered this posibility. I have seen that the rear element of the lens can be unscrewed, but to put it through the rear represents to remove the ground glass and its frame and unscrewing the springs, and that appears quite unconveient (and can not be repeated often) . Any idea about how to get it in?; or may be it is not possible....

Thanks for much appreceated help!

Eliseo Pascual / Spain

Daniel Stone
26-Sep-2012, 14:42
try this:

1. tip the lens forward a bit
2. insert the rear element(while tilted forward) into the opening
3. tilt lens back(so lensboard is vertical)
4. lock lens into place on camera

according to this picture here, the rear element looks smaller than the opening size on the sinar board its attached to?



Eliseo Pascual
26-Sep-2012, 23:13
Hello Dan, thanks for fast reply; I already tried that and my rear element is larger than that of the photo, and even tilting and essaying possible positions (I had already done all this) does not fit. Any other idea?. Thanks in advance!