View Full Version : Microdol-X question

Noah B
25-Sep-2012, 15:20
Hey all, I recently came across 3 sealed cans of Microdol-X that look like they are 20-30 years old. It's in the powder form and I was wondering if the chemistry would still be good or not? I also found some unopened perceptol that looks to be old, but sealed.

25-Sep-2012, 17:01
Sometimes it will be sometimes not -- I have opened a few cans of Dektol and D-76 in the past few years. Some look fine, some have oxidized black stuff in them.

25-Sep-2012, 20:03
This is the kind of question that can be easily answered with a sensitometer/densitometer. Just fire off a control strip and process it in the developer in question and see what you get. If the developer is bad, your gamma will be low.