View Full Version : Binocular viewer for the Sinar F 4x5 camera

Louie Devincentis
24-Sep-2012, 09:03
I am wondering where I can find a viewer for my 4x5 Sinar.

24-Sep-2012, 09:40
KEH usually has them. www.keh.com

- Leigh

rich caramadre
24-Sep-2012, 09:45
I have one I was going to post here in a few days. Let me know if your interested.

Alan Gales
24-Sep-2012, 12:37
There is always Ebay.

I would check out Rich's first though.

Bill, 70's military B&W
1-Oct-2012, 17:06
I just bought a Sinar F2 4x5, it's in the mail!!! I saw on e-bay the binocular viewer. I've never looked thru one, do they work? Is it better than a loupe? Do you still need a dark cloth?
Thanks, Bill

Peter De Smidt
1-Oct-2012, 17:17
Do they work? Yes.
Is it better than a loupe? Yes, for composing. The magnifier is 2x. If that's enough magnification for you to check fine focus, then you're good. If you need more, then you'll need to also have a loupe.
Do you still need a dark cloth? No, unless you're going to check focus with a loupe.

Note that they work best on a P or P2. They're heavy, and they can cause the rear standard to bend a tiny bit on an F or Alpina. I don't know about an F2.

Bill, 70's military B&W
1-Oct-2012, 18:36
Pete, Thanks, I guess I'll use my F2 and loupe for a while and if I think I need it then I'll check into it. It's nice to know that it exists.

Clive Gray
2-Oct-2012, 01:13

Binocular Viewer or Binocular Reflex Viewer ?

The reflex viewer (one on the left) is best used in an additional standard and is a bit bulky for field use whereas the Binocular viewer (one on the right) is extremely light and practical and is fine used on any version of the cameras it is best used in combination with a bellows as a viewing hood mask the best bet being the wide angle bellows.


to use a loupe when occassionally I feel the need just take the viewer off and use the bellows which usually works ok.

Never used a darkcloth with a sinar never understood why anyone would want to (that said it is a partailly free world people can do as they please).

The Binocular Viewer was always a part of the Sinar Expert kits.

Bill, 70's military B&W
2-Oct-2012, 18:29
Clive, never saw a set up like that, looks very promising, I'll have to see one in action.

3-Oct-2012, 07:52
I have both the reflex bino, and regular bino viewers, I'm selling all my sinar stuff. Just using my field camera these days. I don't expect to get much for the viewers, mostly just a good home.

Bill, 70's military B&W
5-Oct-2012, 04:44
Hey Jessie, I sent you a Private Message, but no response, I'm interested in the equipment, please contact me, either here or use private message.
Thanks, Bill