View Full Version : Get info on this one?

22-Sep-2012, 17:27
Hello to anyone,

please help me to identify this old lens.




Louis Pacilla
22-Sep-2012, 18:44
Need more information like what the engraving reads but from what I can see looks like it could be a f8 rapid rectilinear w/ a FL of 50cm. So 19 inches and probably meant to cover 11x14 or so and would be a great portrait lens on 8x10.

Steven Tribe
23-Sep-2012, 04:11
If the title you gave the .jpeg file is correct, then this is a Aplanat designed to cover 30x40cm plate size made by the French MGO (something like Manufacture Generale de l'Optique.). They also made things like de Pullingey's landscape design (pre transfer to Darlot).