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Rob Hale
6-Mar-2004, 22:39
Linhof Kardan Behind Lens Shutter

Hi, I have acquired a Linhof monorail and as I am very much a new boy on the Large Format scene I hope my questions are not too naive.

Can a Linhof monorail S/N 101970 be converted to some kind of behind lens shutter ? Has any one done this ? If so what parts would I need ?

To those of you who are kind to answer Thank You.

Rob Hale

Bob Salomon
7-Mar-2004, 05:06
No, there was a Linhof Focal Plane shutter made several decades ago but it was not very reliable and there are no parts for it.

More recently Linhof announced a behind the lens shutter system in 1994 but it never came to market.

Linhof also offered the Prontor Magnetic System but this was a leaf shutter system with sepeate shutters for each lens and a central control unit to control them and to do the light metering.

Currently the Rollei shutter and the Horseman shutter offer many of the controls of the Prontor Magnetic.

Bob Salomon
7-Mar-2004, 07:40
The Linhof focal plane shutter mentioned above was for the Technika, not the Kardan.

Ernest Purdum
7-Mar-2004, 10:27
Although there is no dedicated Linhof BTL shutter, there are other possibilities. The ancient Packard shutter is still available new as well as used. Some are flash synchronized. The chief limitations here are the lack of short times, and the large size of the body. You need a lensboard roughly twice the size of the needed opening to use a Packard. If interested, see www.hubphoto.com.

There are several shutters formerly made to mount between the cells of very large lenses which are big enough to use as a BTL shutter for lenses of moderate angle, Tessars and the like. It is rarely feasible to mount a wide angle lens in this manner, however. A major advantage of this approack is that any competent machinst can make an adapter for this purpose. This is quite different from mounting a shutter betrween cells, a job which demands a specialist. I think a moderate angle lens of about 210mm is an ideal starting lens. Most of these are very easy to mount in front of a shutter. See www.skgrimes.com, and my response on a thread Zeiss Ikon DDR. You can find this at the second page of "New Responses" at 2003-03-03 05:56:55. Using the search function of this Forum would provide much more information which might be useful to you.

tor kviljo
8-Mar-2004, 04:16
You should not have large trouble converting one of the older (i.e. light green wrincle-finish) Copal - Sinar Norma mechanical behind-lens shuters for the Linhof. The Sinar uses 139mm square lens panels, and I recall that the Linhof is not smaller than that. Due to the large shutter-release cable peering out from the left side of the shutter - only forward central tilt will be possible when shutter correctly mounted on the rear of front standard (not too often one use rearward tilt anyway - but now it's mentioned). The Packard shutter is an option - but only permitting You with ca 1/15 sek + B shutter times. A much better made & real leaf shutter (i.e.: 6 steel leafs moving, not three sheets of flimsy plastic as in the Packard) is the large Luc shutter sometimes found on e bay. Selection of shutter speeds as on the Packard... I belive that also Wista makes/have produced a behind the lens shutter, but I have never seen one. Used Sinar-Copal can be found for about $$ 300 & up. It is technically advanced, permitting speeds from 15 secs to 1/60 sec., ball bearing movements etc, but is triggered with a very special long-throw cable release (costing $$ 150 + new..) Be shure release is includet & functioning OK before buying. Stay away from the newer black DW version of these as the added aperture-housing & adjustment nob on the right hand side of these will make adaption & probably tilt more difficult. New packards (about 80 - 100 $$) at Midwest photo supply. Used ones about $$ 15 - 50 (weired!). I have used different behind-lens shutters for years - having a Sinar-Copal DB for the P/P2. Have saved me A LOT of money permitting me using inexpensive repro-lenses as well as ability to used & inexpensive (because of difficult to sell) DB-mounted lenses.

David A. Goldfarb
20-May-2004, 20:52
If you're curious as to what a Technika focal plane shutter looks like, Midwest Photo Exchange is auctioning one of these rare birds on eBay:


Rob Hale
26-May-2004, 16:11
Hi guys, Thanks for all the info and thanks David I had a look at the ebay sale as you suggested


David A. Goldfarb
27-May-2004, 13:17
Congrats, Arne! Glad to see this item went to someone here on the list. We'll want the full report when you get it, of course.

Arne Croell
28-May-2004, 11:06
Ok, David I'll post a report once I got it and sent it through its paces. The cryptic remark by Midwest about the necessity to turn the shutter tensioning knob back all the way after tensioning, points to the fact that it might not be a straightforward operation. As an aside, owning it might further the habit of buying exotic barrel lenses.... what have I done... :-)