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20-Sep-2012, 09:50
okay so i got such great help here on my first post a while ago and now i am at another impass and again requesting assistance. quick background i purchased a 5x7 korona series V and have had a chance to shoot with it a bit. i gotta say i just have love for the absolute pain in the ass this thing is to shoot LOL. seriously i am enjoying it. but now i have new problems. the shutter was never accurate, but okay ill shoot long exposures and use a timer and the bulb. but really now the bulb setting is also barely functional and sometimes requires so much fiddling that i am shaking the camera all around to get it to close...not to mention messing up my exposure time...so i am interested in doing one of 2 things, either replacing the shutter because i want to still use the old lens a bit, or replacing the shutter and lens in its entirety.

my question is, does anyone have any idea what shutter might be the right fit? this shutter has a screw in rear lens element and a screw in front lens element. and actually the whole assemble screws into threads on the lensboard...

but i can remove the threads from the lensboard and just have a hole and then get a new assemble and new lens...so now the question becomes, are the different COPAL shutters related to the hole size that must be in the lensboard for admittance?

my lensboard openning is 2 and 1/16 inches in diameter. or 5.238cm if my math is correct. what shutter should i be looking for?

thanks again everyone...this is quite the process but i am enjoying it!

20-Sep-2012, 09:55
and more....if the shutter is slightly smaller than the hole is it a bad thing???

20-Sep-2012, 10:11
If it does not leak light it will be fine.