View Full Version : New 8x10 Pinhole Camera coming soon.

Keith Tapscott.
18-Sep-2012, 22:45

John Kasaian
19-Sep-2012, 06:24
If it spurs more buying of 8x10 film, this is a good thing!

Peter Gomena
19-Sep-2012, 08:26
These are the latest digital pinholes. "0" in binary code.

Peter Gomena

19-Sep-2012, 19:14
I see from the "lens cover" that Schneider now makes pinholes. :p

Robert Brummitt
21-Sep-2012, 07:41
At lease, it will gives options for trying something different in photography. I am interested but wonder with scanning I could simply use a 4x5. It maybe fun if Ilford made a quality but inexpensive 6x9 camera. That would really rock!