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18-Sep-2012, 05:35
Ok I have seen a few post but I'm in need of specific info regarding UV bulbs for the following processes Carbon,Pt/Pd,Salt Prints & Cyanotypes, these are the processes I will be trying over the winter I have a UV LIGHTSOURCE that takes 18" fluorescent bulbs 15w so should I use the BL? BLB?SA or others for those processes? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Brian

Len Middleton
18-Sep-2012, 05:50

I think Sandy King prepared a document on UV light sources for alternate photo processes, that I found on through a Google search.

You might also look at the "Alternative Processes" section on APUG (see: www.APUG.org) , or Advanced Processes and Carbon Board at: http://bostick-sullivan.invisionzone.com/index.php .

hope that helps,


Jim Noel
18-Sep-2012, 08:25
The SA bulbs are not good for some processes. BLB and BL both work, but BL print somewhat faster.


Jim Graves
18-Sep-2012, 08:40
Here's the link to Sandy's article on UV light sources: LINK (http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/Light/light.html)

One note on the article: the underlined text are links ... the ones linking from the BL and BLB bulbs show the spectral power distribution of the different bulbs.