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18-Sep-2012, 04:56
We would like to announce new canvas print configurator of our shop — Miracle Canvas (http://miraclecanvas.com)

We target Miracle Canvas to selling high-quality canvas prints with rich customization options. We have the most powerful online configurator that allows you to create print of any size and shape, choose stretcher depth, type of varnish and instantly see the actual price.

Canvas prints trend is one of the most dynamically developing area of modern home decoration and design improvements.


The powerful online canvas print configurator is the main part of Miracle Canvas’s functionalities. It enables the creation of not only integral canvas prints consisting of a single piece, but also canvas prints containing several parts. The size and position of the canvas print parts can be changed interactively so that you are shaping the canvas print to fit you and your interior.

While developing the configurator, we attempted to create a tool enabling any ordinary person without professional skills to get a canvas print with rather complicated shapes. This can be achieved due to the extraordinary flexibility of block positions while creating a canvas print that has several parts.


In our configurator, you can place the blocks in such a way that the image will not be divided into parts at undesirable places. For example, in the picture below, you wouldn’t want it divided in the middle of the swan. Of course, when using templates, no flexible shapes can be achieved because there are millions of photos and each of them has their own specific features.


The block rotation function represents an advanced ability of the configurator that unfolds any creative plans completely. It gives you an integral tool for the implementation of any design solutions:


Along with the size and shape, all additional parameters can be set in the canvas print configurator at once:

1. Stretcher Thickness: The creation of a canvas print with usual thickness is the default offer. If you want to make the canvas print more presentable and defined, the thickness should be increased.

2. Varnish: As a rule, semi-gloss varnish is used so the canvas surface looks as if it were a painting that was just finished. However, if direct sunlight falls on the canvas print, some flares can appear and cause minor inconveniences. In this case, it is preferable to choose a matte varnish. The image will become less contrasted, though there will be no flares.

3. Stretcher Edge Wrapping: The type of stretcher edge wrapping is also an important parameter for the harmonious match of the canvas print to your interior design. While we manufacture canvas prints without a frame, to create an additional visual influence there are various options for canvas wrapping and stretchers.

The price is recalculated automatically after each change so you always see the relevant information.

At any stage you can see an example of the canvas print in an interior after choosing the necessary color of a wall. It can facilitate the search of a suitable canvas print by matching the color of the walls to the colors in the print.

As you see, you can choose one of the shape templates prepared by us or create your own canvas print shape from scratch. The general size of the canvas print is displayed in the configurator on the left, and the size of a separate block can be found by placing the cursor on the necessary block.

Try different variations and do not be afraid to experiment. It is not hard and it helps to get a really unique canvas print, allowing you to find the best emphasis to put on a specific photo.


18-Sep-2012, 05:48

Sylvester Graham
19-Sep-2012, 16:38
:mad: is right.

27-Sep-2012, 23:13
What do you have to offer for the large format community in particular? Any specific benefits?

Mark Stahlke
4-Oct-2012, 11:34

:mad: is right.
I don't understand why some people have a problem with this. It looks like a new product/service. It's posted in the New Products forum. What's the big deal? :confused:

I think the examples are interesting even though they're not to my tastes.

5-Oct-2012, 09:05
I agree with Mark. While the specific examples are not to my taste, I find the concept interesting. A large multi-panel print from an LF film would look pretty nice, I think.

To the OP--I wish you success.


22-Jan-2013, 11:02
This advertiser has jammed up my browser with his mandatory animations. Inexcusable. So reported.

Ken Lee
22-Jan-2013, 15:34
Animation removed and user notified of rules.

30-May-2013, 06:41
Don't know about your canvases but these pictures are beautiful.

Racer X 69
11-Aug-2013, 16:56
Multi panel printing of photographs, and printing of photos on canvas is not new. Still, here is someone offering a service that surely could be used by those here who do not wish to engage in the process themselves. Indeed the ability to spread an image over multiple panels of various sizes ans shapes is intriguing.

I see no reason why those who choose to not use a service like this to get all fuzzed up over it. Why waste time and energy in such a negative way?

Focus yourselves on positive things that show others the good in you instead.