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Ramiro Elena
18-Sep-2012, 01:38
I just got me a 90mm Wollensak on a Rapax shutter and I've got two questions about the speed dial.

1- Are the speeds supposed to click in place?
2- Does T work same as B or the shutters isn't working as supposed? I was expecting to trip the shutter and have it open until I tripped again.


Jim Jones
18-Sep-2012, 05:43
On my 90mm Wollensak in a Rapax shutter the speed dial isn't detented. T opens on the first click and closes on the second.

Ramiro Elena
18-Sep-2012, 06:43
Thanks Jim,
Does it stop or click at any speed? Mine doesn't move smoothly along the whole dial. Some parts have more friction than others. The speeds do change and seem somewhat accurate though.

18-Sep-2012, 06:59
You'll feel a lot more tension when moving the speed ring from 200 to 400.

If you are feeling friction other than that it is likely griminess that indicates that a good cleaning is needed.

18-Sep-2012, 07:01
As you select a faster speed you move to a different position on an internal cam and the faster the speed the more tension on the shutter spring.
If B and T don't work correctly use a locking cable release and that will hopefully keep the shutter open.

Ramiro Elena
18-Sep-2012, 12:05
That's correct Brian. There's more tension when you move from 200 to 400. The dial moves very loose through the lower speeds however.
Shen, there is a lever that sets the shutter to open as in modern models.

Anyone using the Kodak Series V adapter to fit screw in filters?

Thanks for your replies.

18-Sep-2012, 12:38
Sounds like it is working good enough! The additional tension is the "helper spring" that is being set. That spring is only used for 1/400 sec.

The Series adapters (which I use on a number of lenses) are for Series filters. They are not threaded but are held into the adapter with a filter ring, or alternatively by a Series shade. I know the Series VIII (8) will take a screw-in 67mm filter, but I think that is unique in that respect.

18-Sep-2012, 17:55
The locking cable release is useful if the T setting doesn't work but B does. You can lock it open for extended exposure times. I have adapted the Series filters I have for use as Brian suggests. If you are tempted to open your Rapax shutter to clean it be aware that it is a reasonably complex design.

Ramiro Elena
20-Sep-2012, 01:11
Thanks all!
I wouldn't try to open a Rapax :) Compounds and Betax are okay to mess with though.

I had the Series filters figured out wrong I guess, I thought you could use them as adapters to threaded filters.