View Full Version : What size filter adapter ring for a 12" Dagor?

John Kasaian
4-Mar-2004, 23:55
A 12" f6.8 Goerz Dagor circa 1908 is joining my little glass menagerie but hasn't arrived yet. Does anyone here know what size filter adapter ring will fit it? Thanks!

Robert A. Zeichner
5-Mar-2004, 05:13
60.8mm according to my source. You will no doubt have to find a slip on adapter ring for series 8 filters. Series 8 is often close enough to 67mm that you might then be able to screw in normal, every day 67mm filters. Measure the diameter to see if the above dimension makes sense.

5-Mar-2004, 07:49

If one had the opportunity to measure five different 12" Dagors from that period I would wager at least four of them would have different size thread. I have a 12" Dagor from the same period and it would appear to take about a 56mm screw on filter. But I have never actually found anything that would screw on to the thread.

John Kasaian
5-Mar-2004, 08:28
Thanks for the insight! I'm hoping I already have a slip on adapter that might fit hiding in the cannibal box. I'll just have to wait (impatiently) and see.


Leonard Robertson
5-Mar-2004, 08:46
John - My 12" Series III Dagor #224,xxx measures just under 61mm, so Robert's 60.8mm figure is no doubt accurate. A 2 3/8"/60mm Kodak Series 8 slip-on adapter fits my lens. The Kodak Series adapter rings have "ears" that can be bent for minor changes in fit. As Robert says, 67mm filters screw right into a Series 8 adapter.

David A. Goldfarb
5-Mar-2004, 09:23
For all those odd size lenses what you want is something like the Lee Gel Snap or one of the clip-on holders for square filters. I have one made by Voss that has two barn doors, and I think I paid around $12 for it from KEH. Works perfectly on my 12" Dagor and 19" Apo-Artar, and various other lenses that are smaller than 3" in diameter.