View Full Version : Rodenstock 150's

Paul Bien
4-Mar-2004, 21:55
How does the Rodenstock Sironar MC 150mm lens compare to the newest versions of the Rodenstock Apo sironar N and S vesrions? Is the MC version older and is it an Apo? Will it cover 4X5 with modest movements (landscape work)?

John D Gerndt
5-Mar-2004, 07:25
Take a look at www.butzi.net or just do a google search for specs. In use I must say (without using individual lenses side by side owning only a Rodenstock N) that spending time splitting hairs one lens verses another (at this level) is largely a waste of time. There are SO many other factors to consider that someoneís personal experience is not all that relevant to what you may be doing.

It is wise to look out for clunkers but these lenses are all great ones. It is best to use what lens is afforded you and get to know how it fits into you work methods by experience.

I wish we could all get together and look at each otherís work. That would clear up so many questions I have, but we are so scattered and possibly poor from buying our equipment I fear there will never be such a meeting.