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15-Sep-2012, 16:46
Anyone see this on eBay? (http://www.ebay.com/itm/BIG-Panoramic-Flammang-Camera-Co-NY-Folding-Field-Camera-/261098742362?pt=US_Vintage_Cameras&hash=item3ccab2a25a). There's very little on line about them. they seem to have made cameras for F&S briefly, and might once have been part of American Optical? It's a big beast. Is it a banquet camera or does it shoot vertically?


Jim Jones
15-Sep-2012, 20:00
It looks rather like the skyscraper cameras used long ago with the rising front for architectural photos.

15-Sep-2012, 22:21
19"x36" -- that would be a fun vertical to play with! Making a back for it would be interesting. Instead of a full sheet of ground glass, perhaps one could rig up a smaller GG -- 19" by ~8" that one could slide around on the back to check composition and focus. I think some X-ray film might be that size -- actually 14"x36" for a little over 2 bucks a sheet. But I'd have to be crazier than I am now.


16-Sep-2012, 00:25
If you look at image two it has "similar" brass fitting to some French cameras that have a rotating bellows on the front standard. Although these brass fitting are usually on the tailboard base and the rear standard slots into them. Difficult to tell from the pics.... Would love it for some wet plate.

John Koehrer
16-Sep-2012, 18:54
As Jim said, it's a skyscraper camera.

If you buy it and accept the challenge to use it as a panorama camera, video it & put it on youtube.